How Yukon U embraced its new identity and deployed their brand

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Print Design

In one form or another, Yukon University has been a cornerstone of education in the North for over fifty years. Starting as a vocational training center in the 1960s, it became a comprehensive college by the 1980s. In 2020, the institution embarked on its most transformative chapter yet, when it was granted university status and became Canada’s first university in the North. This evolution was not just a change in designation; it was a rebirth of its identity. To reflect its expanded mission—offering degree programs and conducting research through a Northern lens—Yukon U launched a dynamic new brand.

The challenge

When Yukon U officially began operating as a university, they changed their logo and colours to mark the transformation. The branding work was contracted to an outside agency, with the intention that Yukon U would create marketing collateral in-house afterward. However, after receiving the brand guidelines, Yukon U realized that they did not have the capacity to produce their scheduled collateral. They needed help... fast.

The Solution

We provided guidance to the team at Yukon U on how their new logo, colour pallet and brand elements could be used to establish a set of brand collateral that was cohesive. We then created a business card template that was instantly recognizable and that hundreds of university staff across 14 different campuses could use to project the collective authority of Yukon U. A set of ten brochures—from trifold to an intricate double parallel reverse fold brochure with tabs—was also created, along with letterhead, envelopes and popup banners.

Like what you see?

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