How YFGA provides a digital gateway to outdoor adventures

Navigating through an outdated website, the Yukon Fish & Game Association (YFGA) recognized the need for a digital makeover that would be more informative, visually engaging, and attract new members. In partnership with MBDC, a new site was developed on Webflow, offering helpful features tailored to YFGA's core objectives. Visitors are now welcomed by vibrant landscapes and an invitation to immerse in hunting and fishing adventures within the Yukon. Furthermore, they can discover the association's pivotal role in conserving the Yukon’s outdoor resources, learn from fellow enthusiasts' tales and insights, and keep abreast of projects dedicated to bolstering the region's natural ecosystems. Enhanced with dynamic functionalities like image lightboxes, accordions, and an intuitive FAQ segment, the website is a testament to YFGA's commitment to its members and the wider Yukon community.

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