Adapting a national brand’s message of hope through a Yukon lens

advertising campaign

The United Way administers a telephone help line and online directory (2-1-1 Program) that helps Canadians deal with life’s challenges. Although it is a national program, each province and territory have its own service that connects users with vital community and social resources, close to home and specific to their needs.

The challenge

The challenge was to make as many people as possible that could benefit from the 2-1-1 Program aware of its presence in the Yukon, while keeping in line with the national campaign’s branding.

The Solution

The solution was threefold. First, we identified the issues that affected the prospective beneficiaries of the 2-1-1 Program in the Yukon and developed messaging through that lens. Second, we maintained the national campaign’s “look and feel” when inserting our messaging to leverage the legitimacy of the United Way’s brand. And third, we created a wide array of campaign collateral—including direct mailers, community posters, social media ads, newspaper ads, radio ads, community TV spots, and public transit ads and delivered them through all major channels and platforms frequented by the targeted demographics.

Like what you see?

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