How community shaped a brand that reflects Yukon First Nation values and the importance of all children and youth

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The First Nation School Board (FNSB) is a newly established education authority in the Yukon, responsible for overseeing 11 public schools. The FNSB aims to establish an education system rooted in Yukon First Nations worldviews.

The challenge

They needed a brand that established the importance of land-based learning and community wisdom, and reinforced their emphasis on supporting all students, empowering families, and fostering schools that serve as community hubs. The brand also needed to reflect First Nation values such as respect, relationships, reciprocity, leadership, and land kinship.

The Solution

To establish a brand that aligns with the FNSB’s mission and values, we engaged the community to capture the essence of their vision. In the Spring of 2023, we conducted workshops with Yukon students from various grade levels, encouraging their active participation in the branding process. Through these workshops, students shared their ideas and artwork, which ultimately inspired the development of the FNSB logo.

The resulting Brand Guide provides clear guidelines that will maintain consistency across all brand communications, ensuring a strong and unified brand presence. It is designed to inspire and empower those who work with the brand—including partner agencies, writers, and designers—to ensure all communications and marketing collateral will reflect FNSB’s mission to empower learners, families, and communities through Yukon First Nations ways.

At the heart of the brand is the iconic logo, featuring three-generations reaching up towards a rising sun over a Yukon landscape, symbolizing positive growth grounded in Yukon First Nation ways, which is represented by the feather.

By engaging with the students and community, we ensured that the brand resonates with its audience, and empowers the FNSB to bring their vision to life consistently and effectively across all platforms.

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