A distinctive part of a greater mission. How the First Nations Regional Health Survey ensured clear consistent communications

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Carried out by and for First Nations since 1997, the First Nations Regional Health Survey—commonly known as the RHS—assesses the health and well-being of First Nations living on reserves and in Northern communities to provide a comprehensive and culturally pertinent understanding of health determinants, health status, and health outcomes that influence regional and national policy and program development. With 14 First Nations, the Yukon Territory depends on the RHS to provide data that guides local health organizations, tribal councils, and government agencies in the Yukon to formulate health programs tailored to First Nations communities' unique needs.

The challenge

The Yukon First Nations, while embarking on the vital First Nations Regional Health Survey, faced a multitude of branding challenges. An overarching issue was inconsistent branding that surfaced across varied communication platforms, leading to confusion and dilution of their core message. Stakeholders found it challenging to understand the essence of the organization's brand, as there was no centralized guide that encapsulated its values and mission. This lack of clarity extended to practicalities, such as integrating the YFN RHS logo with logos of other entities, ensuring uniformity in typography and colors, and choosing imagery that reflected the organization's ethos and objectives.

The Solution

To address these challenges, MBDC designed a new logo and comprehensive brand guidelines for the YFN RHS. These guidelines ensure that branding remains consistent by lucidly defining every element, from the organization's logo to its color palette. The document’s Brand Overview ensures stakeholders are directed to the heart of the YFN RHS brand, clarifying its values and overarching mission. Logo Usage Guidelines act as a blueprint for designers and campaign managers when juxtaposing the YFN RHS logo with other emblems. Typography and Color Guidelines make communications appear consistent, cohesive, and in perfect alignment with the YFN RHS brand's ethos. Imagery Guidelines help users set the tone, providing a clear map on sourcing and selecting images that not only speak to the brand's narrative, but also elevate its mission and values.

Like what you see?

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