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Proofing template

Proofing template

We present all of our work on a proofing template in PDF file format.

Note: For website sitemaps, wireframes, and prototypes, we share our work from Figma without a proofing template. No proofing template is used for multipage documents such as booklets, magazines, or annual reports.

Our proofing template is made with Adobe Indesign and is 22 in (w) x 17 in (h).

MBDC Proofing Template 22x17.indd


The first column in the slug contains the Client Name, Project Number, Proof Version, and Date. The date is formatted YYYY-MM-DD.

The second column contains the project size specifications. For certain projects, such as brochures, list the Size Flat and Size Folded.

The third column contains the colour information. For print, list CMYK and any Pantone Colours if used. For screen, list RGB.

File setup and linking

All proofs should be contained in a folder within the project named Proofs with the working file linked in the proofThe proof name is to be named with Client Number-Project Number and Project Name Followed by Proof:

123-0001 Project Name Proof.indd

Shadow and boarders

Add a white background, border and shadow to proofing items. This helps with separation when artwork is light or has a white background.

Note: For showing items, such as t-shirts, or swag, no border or shadow is necessary.

  • Border Size: 1pt
  • Border Colour: 0 | 0 | 0 | 10
  • Outer Glow
    • Blending Mode: Multiply
    • Opacity: 13%
    • Technique: Soft
    • Size: 1p2
    • Noise: 0%
    • Spread: 0%

Exporting and naming

Export the proofs as PDF with the following settings.

Name: 123-0001 Project Name vX.pdf

Sharing your work for review

An email with the project name and version number is sufficient. No need to attach the file to the email.

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